Wedding Rings ~ Wedding Bands

The wedding ring is the most important piece of jewellery in our lives.
- with it we confess to our love and to the most important person in our live.

We make each pair of wedding rings in our workshop here in Munich in the Kaufingertor especially for you.
We can easily implement your own wishes and ideas for you.

We can manufacture your rings in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, green gold, silver, palladium and platinum.
Our own wedding ring collection is the result of over 40 years of goldsmithing experience.

Of course, we also manufacture wedding rings 100% from recycled precious metals.

We would be pleased to welcome you to a personal consultation.
We provide you with a wide range of sample rings - to try on and inspire!
Our repertoire ranges from unusual and playful handcrafted models to puristic modernity.

We also offer you the possibility to pay in instalments. Further information can be found in our shop or at

Please understand that we do not (yet) sell our rings in our online shop.

Here you get a small overview of our ring models:

Grass is indestructible !
Trampled or torn down - it always rises again and grows more than ever - so it should be with your love.

Already the Celts have worn rings of braided grass for the wedding ceremony.

The river of life in its form and its surface is like life itself-
does not always run in straight paths, has its ups and downs.

The spring rises in the middle of the ring and then winds its way in meanders around the ring.

There's a beginning, but there's no end.

I'll get the stars from the sky for you!

The infinity of our universe
- as infinite as your love.

How lovely that I have found you!

I love you
- is written here in Morse as a tangible message on the surface of the ring

Ivy - a symbol of friendship and loyalty

The evergreen colour, the vine and cuddly character, the property that ivy can only thrive if it can lean against a tree or a wall have made ivy a symbol of friendship and loyalty since ancient times.

In ancient Greece, ivy was presented to couples at weddings.

Your fingerprint as wedding ring!

The surface structure of the skin as a design element on the surface of your wedding rings.

So you are always as close as if you were holding each other's hands.

The fingerprint will not be lasered afterwards but corresponds to the three-dimensional image of your skin.
You determine the shape, width, thickness and alloy of the ring yourself - it couldn't be more individual!

The Classic wedding ring

Traditional symbolic power in proven design.

Choose your favourite shape, width, thickness, your desired surface and material.

"We're all angels with only one wing.
To be able to fly, we must embrace each other."
Luciano de Crescenzo

The feathers on these beautiful rings are delicate and airy and seem almost fragile in contrast to the ground surface. And yet they are deeply integrated into the metal.

Hardly any other symbol stands so much for durability and stability as the rock, but without meaning standstill.

Rocks and mountains defy the ravages of time, are changed by the weather, and yet can continue to grow.

Wir bieten auch mehrfarbige Varianten in Ihrer Wunsch-Kombination an:

Mokume Gane is a forging technique developed in Japan in the 17th century.
Different alloys are forged together. In this way, a unique pattern is always created that is reminiscent of a wood grain:



Tantalum is the rarest element in our solar system.

Pure tantalum - as processed here - is 100% allergy-free and harmless to health. This is also the reason why it is used, for example, in medicine for the production of precision tools.

Tantalum fascinates by its very special haptics and its density which gives the wearer - due to its impressive weight - a special value.

A beautiful, almost black, grey is the main tone of tantalum, which gives the piece of jewellery - also in combination with other metals - a noble character with a light blue-violet touch.

A special challenge is the processing of tantalum. Due to its special hardness (about 5 times harder than platinum) and a very high melting temperature of over 3,000 °C, the usual processes are limited.



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