Our craft is our passion

My name is Coralie Arntz and together with my team I make unique jewellery in the heart of Munich.

With a lot of love for detail and creativity it is our aim to produce handcrafted jewellery for special people.
We attach great importance to individuality and genuine craftsmanship - our jewellery is still made by hand, from the melting to the finish, by genuine people! And you can see that!
With us there is no standard pieces, but jewellery which was manufactured with love and heart blood.

To advise our customers correctly and honestly stands with us in the first place!
Perhaps we do not always tell you what you want to hear, but you can be sure that we advise you to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Craftsmanship, traditional quality and individual, artistic design are our standards.

We are not jewellers but goldsmiths - this means trained craftsmen who produce jewellery by hand with dirt, sweat and passion.

We are not designers but artists - this means sophisticated and creatively designed jewellery which does not lose sight of the fact that they are not made for people for photos.

We are traditional in our handwork, but always have our finger on the pulse of the times.


Outstanding works from our workshop include:  
  • the production of the mayor chain of the municipality Straßlach-Dingharting
  • the production of the mayor chains of the city of Emmerich (two)
  • the production of various rings and plaques of the city of Emmerich.
  • Numerous orders and coats of arms for shooting clubs and brotherhoods
  • Creation of the first prize, a silver Hansekogge, for the American Trans Ocean Cup (Sailing regatta from Newport, USA to Hamburg).
  • numerous wonderful objects, like the silver crib landscape or the brewery team.
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