Red Gold

Like yellow gold, red gold consists of gold, copper and silver, but has a higher copper content and a lower silver content than yellow gold in order to direct the gold tone in a more reddish direction.

Red gold contains very little silver, but a lot of copper. The high copper content makes it tend to tarnish.
Therefore rose gold alloys or yellow gold alloys are more recommendable.

If you are interested in red gold jewellery, you should consider to try on a piece of red gold to see if it matches your skin tone.
Due to the high copper content, there may be unwanted reactions with the skin, especially with low carat alloys.

Red gold alloys have similar properties to yellow gold alloys:

750/- Red gold (18 ct.) is particularly high quality.
Due to its high gold content, it hardly tends to tarnish.
Hardness according to Vickers: approx. 170 - 270

585/- Red gold (14 ct.) combines good metallurgical properties with a not quite so high price.
However, it shows an affinity for discoloration rather than 750/- red gold.
Vickers hardness: approx. 130-230

333/- Red gold (8 ct.) is not recommended. 333/-red gold tends to tarnish extremely due to the high amount of copper.
It has the worst price/performance ratio as it is difficult to process but contains almost no gold.

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