How to determine the right size?

Measure the arm circumference best with a tape measure. 
Place the tape measure around the arm (not tight), preferably where you would like to wear the bracelet (this is important with a pronounced ankle). Should the bracelet sit at the front of the arm or further back? There is no right or wrong here, but your personal feeling is in demand.)

The measure you give us is the actual arm circumference. 

If you prefer to wear bracelets very loosely, add 0.5cm-1cm to it.

The easiest way is to measure a chain that has the right length with tape measure or ruler.

If you don't have a chain in the required length, there are two possibilities:
You can take a tape measure to measure the right length around the neck, but keep in mind that the measure is usually a little tighter and falls differently. A pearl necklace or choker falls rounder on the neck, as does the tape measure, while a delicate link chain with a pendant is more V-shaped.

You can also use a string or a leather strap and adjust it to the right length.
Then measure the tape or string with a tape measure or ruler.

A ring should neither be too loose nor too tight.
It is ideal if you feel a slight resistance when pulling it off. 

We use the inner circumference in millimetres as the measure for rings.
The easiest way to determine the size is to use a ring gauge, which we will be happy to send you.

Another type of measurement is the inside diameter in millimetres.
Take a ring that fits well and measure the diameter as precisely as possible, preferably with a calliper. 

A table with various international ring sizes and their corresponding inner circumference in millimetres you can find below.

What if it doesn't fit?

Don't despair! We will also be happy to adjust the jewellery for you at a later date.
Before you return the piece, simply contact us!
We will be happy to find the best, fastest and most uncomplicated solution for you!

It's supposed to be gift and you don't know the size?

No problem! We adapt our pieces of jewellery also afterwards for you!

Have a look at "How to measure correctly" - maybe you can secretly measure the diameter of a matching ring - and you are most likely to have the right size.

If not, that is no problem! We adapt our rings also afterwards free of charge!
You give it away, afterwards the size is measured. You simply send us the ring back and we adapt it free of charge!

That's how simple it is.

Necklaces and bracelets:
With pleasure we also adapt chains and bracelets afterwards!
You give it away, afterwards the size is measured. You send us the piece back and we will then adjust it.
We gladly make shortening free of charge.
An extension is also possible and costs only the corresponding "plus length".
Please note that with pearl and stone chains we might use extension chains if necessary.

Please simply contact us briefly before you send a piece back. 
We are happy to help you with a quick and uncomplicated solution!


In principle, we can also engrave your order, if possible.
Please contact us in advance to clarify the possibilities and prices.

Do you have a special wish? 

Due to our own workshop and individual production we are very flexible!
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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