Enviroment, Recycling, Sustainability

Environment? Recycling? Sustainability?
New topics?  - Nonsense! Very old hat!

We goldsmiths are possibly the inventors of sustainability!
Recycling? We always did that.
And I do not mean since the 70s, but I speak of about 7000 years.
For this is how long precious metals have been processed into jewellery. And since precious metals have always been precious, each crumb and dust particle has always been reused with the most meticulous precision.

The "sustainability" with which we goldsmiths work has developed over time into something quite quirky:
So peppermint sweets or chocolate are gladly selected after the packaging ("Oh! How practical! A small metal box!"), each plastic bag is at least 20x reused and even broken drills like small treasures guarded and stored ("...one can once again reshape and use it...")
With other craftsmen, it can also cause astonishment when they see that throwing away sawdust, for example, causes nervous twitches in ours.

What exactly does that mean now?

All our jewellery is made from recycled metals. This is good for nature and people.

Saving resources and sustainability:
As craftsmen, especially as goldsmiths, we always work very economically and also pay attention to electricity and water consumption.
We have already replaced most of the lighting in our shop with LEDs and will continue to do so.

Because we produce our products by hand directly on site, we also make considerable savings in logistics.

We alloy and melt our materials ourselves. On the one hand, this means greater flexibility, and on the other, we also make considerable savings on long production routes and logistics.
So we can always be sure what is inside our material: only precious metals and copper. No nickel, manganese, tin or the like.

Our advertising materials, such as business cards and brochures, are climate-neutral printed on recycled eco-paper.

If you have any questions about production or material, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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